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Transfer Printing

This is the best way to print photographs and multiple color images for special events such as family reunions, funerals, and parties.  You can print on 100% or 50/50.  We offer a commercial grade transfer that if washed correctly will last longer than most.  It is recommended for white shirts, but we offer a special material for dark colors that is more like a patch.  You can print as little as one shirt or a quantity.  Transfer Printing can be done same day or next day if shirts are in and you can bring in your shirts or items you wish to print on.


Note: Currently we only stock White and Black shirts, but we can order any color shirt for next day delivery if ordered before 2 p.m.



• Least expensive process & fastest.

• Print photograph quality prints.

• Print multiple colors, can be done same day.

• Takes less than 30 minutes to produce one shirt.

• Large orders can be produced next day if ordered before 1 p.m.

• We supply shirts or you can supply them.

• Great for 100% cotton items, but can also be printed on 50/50

• Can be ganged up on a sheet to save cost on large orders.

• Can print on shirts, bags, caps, and much more.



• Colors may fade after first wash depending on how it is washed.

• Needs to be washed inside out on gentle and tumble dried.

• Colors may shift when printed on color shirts (Lights only).

• Must use special material for dark shirts (patch like).


Transfer Printing